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is balinesian and means good. It originally came from beas beanies which where called Bagus Beanies. She picked Bagus up on her first journey to Indonesia, surfing all over Bali.

We write this blog on one side for our friends, families and relatives, so that they always know what we are or were doing. On the other side we want this to be a information source for all fellow travelers, traveling to the same destinations as we are or were. We would be delighted if we could help someone to decide where he wants to go.

And then there is the aspect of the pictures. The blog layout is obviously based on pictures. We try to take as good pictures as possible, since we are lazy and pictures say more than 1000 words.

Feel free to contact us, when there are questions or you need a tip about a future travel plan..but remember..there is a commenting function, too..


Bea & Armin



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